Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forthcoming: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

I love love love YRF, but I hate hate hate Katrina Kaif. So. What do I do with this unfortunate combination? I grow up and accept the fact that Katrina's in the movie, try to ignore her as much as possible, and officially get excited for Meri Brother Ki Dulhan. After all, YRF rarely fails to disappoint me.

First of all, I love this title track. I don't really get the appeal for Imran Khan, but he's cute enough so maybe I'll come around after this movie. The song is fun and catchy, and I like the tributary "Khan" dance steps. He mimics Salman from Dabangg, Shahrukh's "Chaiyya Chaiyya," and apparently Aamir's "Pathshaala" (although I see more of a "Eh Kya Bolti Tu" inspiration?). As an ardent SRK fan I can say that Imran fulfilled the "Chaiyya Chaiyya" steps pretty well...he just doesn't quite have the hair for it ;)

The song promo for "Dhunki" was also released today and is causing quite a sensation:
Despite Katrina's played out New York look and vibe, I gotta say that I like this song. And she does look good. YRF sure knows how to make its promos. At first I was unsure of the picturization of this song vs the actual audio, but as the promo went on, I was sold. And considering I was watching Katrina on screen for almost a full 3 minutes, that's a big feat.

Other cool things about this movie? Ali Zafar! I haven't actually seen Tere Bin Laden yet, but I've known of Ali Zafar through his music--and he's such a cutie! I'm excited to see him on screen and in such a big name film.

Generally, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan looks like a played-out and formulaic story, with nothing new or particularly unique to bring to Bollywood. But, I think that's exactly what I'm looking forward to--a fun movie, with catchy songs, and an overall entertainer. And, I swear, I'll try really hard to look past...the Kaif.

Meri Brother Ki Dulhan releases September 9th.


  1. haha funny. I love love love YRF too. Veer-Zaara and DDLJ are my favs

  2. @Mia YES I love those too! I've definitely seen Veer-Zaara over 20 times. =D

  3. I also love YRF - even though there are some "restrictions" for my love. All I have to say is "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic"...
    Only watched the first song promo, must say it looks okay and funny (I love references to other films in films), but not overwhelming.

  4. I've seen the song from the film where Imraan Khan is in an airport dancing with a Caucasian girl - looks funny, but I'm not holding out much for the film.

    In years to come, do you seriously think either Imraan or Katrina could carry off a serious role? They definetly DON'T have versitilaty! And no, Kidnap and New York (respectively) don't count!

  5. Ha, I feel the same way - love YRF, HATE La Kaif. Also, LOVE Imran. What's a girl to do? 2 loves can cancel out one hate...right?