Monday, August 29, 2011

Ra.One: The Shortest Teaser Ever

Here's a teaser in true teaser fashion--a mere 15 second glimpse into arguably the most hyped up song (and movie) of the year. An early version of "Chammak Challo," sung by Akon, was leaked on the Internet a few months ago and ever since then, we've all been dying to know exactly how the song will be picturized. So it's only 15 seconds. At least it's something.

My first thought upon watching this (besides watching the time quickly run down) was how completely breathtaking Kareena looks. I was pretty surprised at the Indian-ness of her get-up. But her traditional look is so sexy! Then of course there's SRK, who looks as dashing as ever. We don't get a close up of him, but his hair is perfection. Seriously.

One of the things I was concerned about when "Chammak Challo" leaked was whether Shahrukh would actually be lip synching to the song--and how ridiculous that would be. From this trailer, it kind of seems like he is lip synching to it, but somehow it's not that bad! And on an unrelated note, the beat of this song is totally hot.

As time goes on, I'm feeling better and better about Ra.One. =D

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  1. people stop fighting. I am a huge srk fan and an aspiring vfx designer. I had a lot of expectations from this movie bcos of srk and the inclusion of 3600 vfx shots. Had to book tickets a long time ago. But after watching the movie i was pretty much dissapointed. The pace is too slow and the action sequences seem too familiar. Also theres nothing to see in the pre-interval part. People giving 5 star ratings must b doing it for the good of srk. But i personally (being a huge srk fan) wud like to say its not that amazing. Bottomline: average in terms of indian mindset, but poor as compared to hollywood movies.