Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obsessed: Do Dhaari Talwaar

New feature alert! Obsessed will be a feature where I simply gush about something I'm currently obsessed with, whether it be a song, movie, actor, preview, etc. Sometimes a Bollyfan just needs a channel from which to vent her current love for something. And what better channel than a Bollywood blog? :)

I have one thought about this song from the September release, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: why isn't it overwhelmingly popular??!! I have to admit, when I first listened to the MBKD soundtrack, I sort of brushed off this track. Then I saw the movie and wondered how exactly I missed such a gem of a song.

The song itself is obviously great, but I think it's the picturization/choreography that takes the cake. I actually love the snake charmer/belly dancer feel going on. I also really love the use of fire throughout the entire video. Who doesn't love the excitement of flames and fireballs alongside an already super hot song?

The video is also groundbreaking for me in one very interesting way: for the first time, I actually find Imran Khan to be attractive. Yep, the first time. And hopefully not the last.

Choreography, like I said, is pretty stellar. I have to admit that Katrina Kaif does a pretty good job with her steps. Tara D'Souza dancing, on the other hand, is pretty expressionless and looks rather dry next to Katrina (sigh). Oh well, she looks totally gorgeous in her outfit. Ali Zafar is a cutie, as per usual.

I only have two real gripes with this song/video:

1. WHAT is Katrina wearing? That is a horrendous outfit that completely clashes with the entire set and theme. Are we supposed to be at a fiesta? Sorry, but I don't see the mariachi band.

2. Too. Much. Dialogue. Less talking, more dancing!

Regardless, this song is an A+.


  1. You forgot to mention the lyrics!! :D I totally love this song, but I agree I could do without the dialogue in the middle. I've no problem with Katrina's outfit. I thought it was on purpose, to klash with Tara's dark one. And fiesta? Because of one flower in her hair? :D Nope, her outfit was shiny, glitzy and fit perfectly :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! And you're right--I completely forgot to mention the amazing lyrics!

    I still detest Katrina's outfit, but to each his own =D

  3. Months after the release and I'm still obsessed with this song - the whole soundtrack actually! I definitely agree with everything you've said. Katrina's outfit felt out of place to me too. And I didn't pay much attention to this song at first either and thinking back now, I can't believe I ignored it!