Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obsessed: "Aa Re Pritam Pyare"

I was always Team Munni so it' no surprise that my latest obsession is "Aa Re Pritam Pyare" from Rowdy Rathore -- sung by Mamta Sharma of Munni fame. This song is just plain rowdy and I absolutely love it.

I think what made me fall in love with the song was the picturization (I can never get enough of the village-y item numbers) and the fact that there was actual good choreography. Everyone raved at how amazing Katrina (barf) was in "Chikni Chameli" but what pissed me off about that number was the utter waste of screen time on zooming in on her face as she mouths the words with her collagened lips. "Aa Re Pritam Pyare" has dancing all the gals dancing all the way through. And if we're being honest here, they three girls are a little unsynchronized at times BUT totally make up for it with their facial expressions and by making it look like they're having a ton of fun. The energy is fantastic. Most people are gushing about Shakti Mohan (the girl in the purple) but my favorite is Mumaith Khan (the girl in the fuchsia). Her enthusiasm is unmatched.

This is what a true item number should be. But somehow, this song is largely underrated and isn't as popular as it should be. Could it be the lack of a big name actress? Do we really only need Katrinas and Kareenas and Malaikas to ensure a song's success with audiences? The harsh answer is probably yes. So while everyone else obsesses over hot messes of songs like "Anarkali Disco Chali" I'll be replaying this for a while and appreciating its brilliance. :)

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