Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Juhi on the cover of Ishq magazine

Juhi Chawla, who's back in the spotlight after the critical success of her recent release I Am, has landed the cover of what seems to be a German-language Bollywood magazine. Doesn't she look totally gorgeous??? Juhi is seriously the epitome of elegance, especially in this shot. And her signature smile just makes me feel so nostalgic for the Juhi days of Bollywood!

The sari she's wearing is so perfect. The color is beautiful and the work on it is so sophisticated, yet elaborate. Then again, this woman would literally look good in a paper bag.  And the 43 year old mother of two looks awesome for her age.

I'm anxiously awaiting a DVD release to watch I Am. Have you watched it yet? Thoughts?


  1. I have seen I Am and I must say I was bit disappointed. It definitely did not make much impact on me. Juhi and Manisha were the best, but not even they were amazing. Manisha actualy seemed better.

    This pic was taken few years ago, during her judging Jhalak Dikhla Ja. She looked absolutely gorgeous!

  2. @Gaja Gamini I figured this had to be an oldish picture, but she does look gorgeous! She's simply lovely.

    And wow, I'm surprised at your disappointment considering all the critical acclaim I Am is getting! But I think we tend to have some similar opinions on films, so I'm now even more interested to see the film just to see if we'll agree! =P