Friday, June 3, 2011

Ra.One Theatrical Trailer!

I am so incredibly conflicted right now. After watching this much awaited theatrical trailer for Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One I don't know what to think. The SRK fangirl in me loves everything about it. But the critic in me is very afraid that this movie could end up a disaster. Yikes!

This trailer, like the previous two teasers, still reveals very little about the film--which I think might be the problem. This theatrical trailer has no dialogue. It's simply a mash-up of glossy action scenes set to some (very good) background music. We, as an audience, get few clues about the plot and characters. We got a slight glimpse of Kareena (finally!) but nothing about Ra.One (Arjun Rampal). Most sources are saying that the Ra.One character won't be revealed before the movie. Is that really the best tactic?

I really hated the last superhero film to come out from Bollywood (Krrish) because of the lukewarm plot and the childish execution of the entire movie itself. Will Ra.One be any different? These trailers aren't giving me enough information to make a judgment! Most films use the best parts of their movies for the previews in order to draw audiences in. So will Ra.One be all action and no content/substance?

My inner SRK fan is just gawking over Shahrukh and marveling at how good he looks. I'm also relatively impressed with the actions and special effects. A lot of people are concerned that the movie seems too Hollywood-ized. I don't think that's such a bad thing in this instance. I have to admit, Hollywood has refined its special effects and action sequences. So if superior action/special effects makes Ra.One "Hollywood-ized" then I'm all for it.

But still. I'm afraid for this movie. I really really want it to do well, but I don't know how audiences are going to receive this type of film. The trailers not revealing anything except action also heightens my concerns. The only saving grace is that they're just saving the best for the actual movie.

Please, someone convince me that this movie is gonna be great.


  1. the trailer... was just another teaser. Think of it like that.

    The movie will be released only in 5 months, they cannot give much away at one go. Shahrukh said that every month, a promo will release for Ra.One and will slowly reveal a bit more. I think we will be really surprised.

    I did not expect more from the trailer to be honest. It made me even more excited (and anxious) about this movie. I trust Shahrukh. Really. This movie is his baby, and he wouldn't let it go wrong...

  2. And yeah... I had to add, he looks TOO much sexy for words. Cannot get over it. :D

  3. GREAT POST DEAR! Yes, I speculate too and HOPE (with optimism from what #SRK is saying!) that Shah Rukh will bring Indian cinema strength to what is lacking in western films--story, character depth, relationships, sub-stories. I am bored in the second half of western action/thrillers because all the $$ and effort goes into the CFX VFX CGI ... Aside from just STARING AT the sexiest man on earth (which is all I need really), I think Ra.One will definitely hold my interest.

    ...and DITTO DITTO DITTO to Siham's comments.

  4. @Siham OMG I didn't even think about the fact that Ra.One is still 5 months away! I've just been hearing/reading so much about it lately, that it felt a lot closer! So it does make sense that the trailers are still ambiguous. It's barely June, after all.

    @Bellegram You're so right about Hollywood action films--that's the main reason I tend to stay away from them. So hopefully SRK can bring in the emotion these types of movies need!

    I can always count on you two to bring up my Shahrukh spirits :)

  5. I am anxiously waiting this movie. I agree with Siham, he has worked so hard on every aspect of this film, and I trust that Shah knows what his fans want to see. He has mentioned that the film is a father/son story, and I believe that's where the heart of the film is going to lay. I could watch Shah doing just about anything, but I believe that he will not let us down. Imagine the weight that is going to be on his shoulders when Ra.One releases. The pressure for each and every one of his movies is immense. I wish him the very best of luck with this one!

  6. @Shell That's so true about Shahrukh's hard work. I think he's been in the industry long enough to not work so hard an a film that's gonna be crap. He knows what he's doing!

    Ok, I officially once again believe in this movie! =D

  7. i can not wait to see this, good, bad or ugly. i really hope its a hit, srk has worked so hard and spent a ton of money. hope his kids are proud. he is a wonderful entertainer so im sure it will be fun on some levels. like just srk dancing and smiling and i could be happy. , I am a very simple girl. I speak frankly and I understand things simply. tehehehe.