Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kapoor Khazana! Kareena the Fashion Icon

Kapoor Khazana month  continues!

Ever since her debut in 2000, Kareena Kapoor's filmi fashions have been some of the most memorable, if not influential, to her audiences. Her outfits have either started real world trends, or just shocked us (in both good ways and bad!) In 2008, Kareena also became the first Indian actress to launch her own clothing line  No matter what, Bebo's outfits are usually the ones to remember. Here are some of Kareena's outfits that were the personally the most memorable for me.

 It was really hard to pick just one Kareena look from her infamous character Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) so I went ahead and picked the outfit she was first introduced in. This outfit is the definition of diva (as was her character): pink jacket, mini skirt, sparkly tube top, and a fur scarf to top it off. Let's not forget those colored sunglasses that were oh so in style back then. Kareena's outfits in this movie were undoubtedly meant to represent the "modern" girl, with her skimpy tops and even skimpier bottoms. It was modern enough back then, but looking back it's just the epitome of 90s fashion--which just makes the whole thing even better, dontcha think?

 This look was from the adorable song "Eli Re Eli" from Yaadein (2001). I'm pretty sure that after watching this song I went around for at least a week with my hair in pigtails, and wearing any purple shirt I could find. Lavender became (and still is) my favorite color around this time, and now I'm wondering if this song could've had any influence on that. This look was normal enough, but somehow managed to make an impression on me.

 Ah, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (2003). The movie with the talking cartoon bird. The movie was a little ridiculous but I always enjoyed the songs, including this one--"Bani Bani" and arguably the most beautiful red lehnga I have ever seen (I tend to hate red in Indian wear, for the record). Kareena looked magnificent in it and for a while afterward, I insisted on buying myself tikka forehead jewelry, just because Kareena looked so bomb in it. 

I also went through a lime green phase at one point. And this green kurti Kareena wears in the song "Let's Do Balle Balle" from Fida (2004) just screamed out to me. I loved everything from the color to the sleeves on this top and wanted something just like it (I never found it). I think this outfit was the perfect fusion between traditional filmi and modern filmi. It wasn't a sari but it wasn't skimpy halter top either. It had all the glitz and glamor of Bollywood but with a western twist.

Don (2006) was full of great fashion and Kareena's character was no exception. She played the small but pivotal role of Kamini and sizzled in this gold dress in the item song remake "Yeh Mera Dil." Kareena looks sexy, curvy, yet sophisticated in this glamorous gold number. If I had somewhere to wear this dress (and if I could pull it off) I totally would. But it seems like this dress would only be appropriate for seducing Don ;)

Only Bhatinda ki Geet from Jab We Met (2007) would wear such an outfit: a long t-shirt paired with a Patiala salwar. As ridiculous as it sounds, it clearly worked out amazingly as this fashion trend apparently became a craze among youth in India when the film came out. The outfit fit Geet's careless, free-spirited, and modern character perfectly. She also sports a similar look in parts of Golmaal 3 (2010). Generally, it's the perfect look for the modern Indian ladki. And it's just plain cute! Kareena's "Mauja Hi Mauja" outfit from this same film also made quite a splash, as I discussed in a previous Kapoor Khazana post.

Here we see little Bebo all grown up as she plays Avantika, a psychology professor in the film Kurbaan (2009). Her look was perfect for an Indian intellectual living and teaching in the United States.With her long Jaipuri-style skirts with churidar pants underneath and her beautiful paisley scarfs, Kareena embodies the character of a progressive Indian woman. Kareena's makeup was also done beautifully in the film. I took inspiration from her thick, winged eyeliner. Sounds simple enough, but hers was just divine.

From Desi diva in 2001 to geek chic in 2009's 3 Idiots. Kareena's look has surely matured as she plays med student Pia in this blockbuster film. The nerdy, yet sophisticated glasses paired with a tinge of Desi adaa (the nose ring) make for one sexy (future) doctor. Loves it!

As you can see, Kareena Kapoor is extremely versatile in her fashion and is able to pull off almost anything. Her looks have also progressed along with the times allowing her to fully adapt to each of the characters she plays. As of now, my favorite Kareena look is the one from Kurbaan (don't tell my 12 year old, pigtail wearing self). What's yours?


  1. You know, I watched the making-of video for 3 Idiots, the one how they came up with the look for Pia, and IIRC, she was reluctant about the glasses. But, I thought the glasses made the character, and I thought she looked so funky and adorable in them, and I think it's one of my faves of all her looks. In fact, I love everything she wears in that film.

    I'm biased, of course, cos I wear glasses, but :-)

  2. I just love that K3G look... Not in a fashion kind of sense, I mean I'd never wear it, and I don't think it's pretty, but it's just the one I remember most and will never forget. When I was 10 years old, I always wanted a back-less top like that one. Thank God my mum didn't allow it.
    If I had to pick one I'd wear, I think it's the JWM one... Comfy and cute.

    By the way, Kareena was quite scared to do that nerd-look in 3 Idiots, she was always worried if she'd look to nerdy :) (according to Rajkumar Hirani).

    Another outfit I remember is the one from "Fanaa" in "Yuva".
    And the saree from "Chameli".

  3. she is growing on me. not a big fan at first but she has this quality to her. like she can be so drop dead sexy and them look like a book worm. its fascinating to me.

  4. Oooh fun! I love Kareena (though not Poo, no no never!) and it's fun to look back at some of her looks. I wrote about her clothes and makeup in my review of Kurbaan too - they did a lot of work in expressing that character and indicating how her place and inner states were changing throughout the story.

  5. @Katherine (and Lime) I didn't know about her reluctance to wear the glasses! I'm so glad she did though. They looked pretty awesome

    @Lime The K3G look is totally amazing, but no, I'd never be caught dead wearing her outfits either. She looked kind of like a cheap Barbie...but for some reason I liked it on her. Those exact outfits from Yuva and Chameli were definitely on my mind! I think I decided to omit them just so that the post wouldn't be too long haha.

    @Mia I really didn't like Kareena all that much at first either, but she did grow on me. I think she's really improved throughout the years!

    @Beth I'll have to take a look at your Kurbaan review! But yeah, that's one of the main reasons it's my favorite look--her outfits actually expressed so much about her character.

  6. There's definitely something about Kareena which makes her very watchable. I remember when her sister was dating Abhishek and my mum would implore him (via the TV screen) to dump Karisma for her younger sister: "Kareena would suit him much better," she would say.

    I think Kareena wears anything really well - she's probably look great in a brown sack! I hated Poo in K3G also, but you wouldn't be human if you didn't notice her outfits, would you - somehow cheap yet somehow classy, and mesmerising all the same!

    I especially remember her flowing, vibrant and ethnic styled shalwar kameez dupattas from Refugee because at the time they really seemed to stand out. So simple yet so distinctive.

    By the way, I love the idea of 'Kapoor Khazana' - great concept.