Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obsessed: Kareena's Outfit in "Dil Mera Muft Ka"

Earlier this month, Bollyfans went abuzz when trailers for Kareena Kapoor's much talked about mujra in Agent Vinod came out. While most were probably paying attention to the song and dance, I for one was oggling over her beautiful outfit!.

It was hard to find pictures that do justice to it, so I suggest watching the video to get the full effect. I love everything about the outfit. The color, style, and most importantly how good it looks on Kareena. With a bit of a modern twist on the mujra, this outfit is sexy without being trashy. 

Interestingly, the suit looks pink in the video, but red in most pictures. Not sure what the real color is, but the pink is simply ravishing. Red would be a bit too harsh, in my opinion (though she did pull it off in Chammak Challo). 
I already wrote about how much of a fashion icon Kareena is, so will this Anarkali look go down in history and start another trend? Well I definitely think the Anarkali style will be creeping its way back into mainstream Indian fashion after this number. Kareena strikes once again.

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  1. I must say that although I´m greatly underwhelmed by the song and Kareena´s attempts to dance (she simply lacks grace), I don´t think she´s ever looked more gorgeous! And the outfit is stunning, completely agree!