Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shahrukh in Farah Khan's next?

Well, clearly they've patched things up. 

I swear I've been hearing about Happy New Year! for at least five years, but if the rumors are true then it's finally happening. Five years ago, I probably would've been really excited by this news. Now I'm a bit uneasy. And skeptical.

I liked Main Hoon Na (2004) and absolutely loved Om Shanti Om (2007) but I don't think that was Farah Khan's doing. Shahrukh owned those films. Truth be told, Farah's movie style kind of blows. Especially judging from that complete mess of a movie Tees Maar Khan.

Farah relies on formula, masala, and over-the-top comedy. It worked in Om Shanti Om since the movie itself was a bit of a parody, it kind of worked in Main Hoon Na, and it was plain dumb in Tees Maar Khan.

To me, Shahrukh is way too established and mature to be doing cheap Farah films, even if it is for a "friend." Even the name of the movie itself sounds like a cheap comedy disaster waiting to happen. In my opinion, he should scrap this project and push for a Don 3!

Wise up, SRK.


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