Friday, March 25, 2011

Ra.One Teaser 2: 30 Second Promo!

The film isn't due until Diwali, and already another teaser is out! This one's longer than the last, but still doesn't reveal too much about the film. Regardless, here are some of my thoughts:

1. The movie looks surprisingly "adult" and hi-tech. Honestly, when I first heard about Ra.One I was expecting a child-like disaster like Krrish (2006). Thankfully, this looks nothing like that. The action sequences also look top-notch.

2. I'm loving the intro music. It fits the theme well and I'm eager to hear the rest of the soundtrack, whenever that comes out.

3. ...where's Kareena? You know, the other star of this movie? Though perhaps that's her hand at around 26 seconds? Hm.

4. Can anyone decipher what he says at the end?!

Let's wait and see what else Ra.One has in store for us...


  1. Is he saying "I'm one", or something?

  2. I cannot wait for Ra.One. Because of King Khan obviously, but also because he put his whole heart into it and the promos seem rocking!