Sunday, May 22, 2011

Antenna feat. Shahrukh Khan

When I first started watching this song promo from Always Kabhi Kabhi I was pumped up. It sounded like a really good song, perhaps the next hit. Then...they started singing about an...antenna. Really? I guess it's some metaphor for youth culture or whatever but it sounds plain ridiculous. Then add in an English rap verse and the ladies crooning, "You don't know the frequency, why can't you just let me be?" and you've got yourself one of the most absurd songs in years.

It's not all bad though! While the song may be ridiculous, Shahrukh just looks ridiculously AMAZING. He seriously just exudes power in this song and manages to make this bizarre song completely worthwhile. Whoever styled him for this song deserves a big hug. He's back to his "Chaiyya Chaiyya" era hair (yay!) and the casual yet fitted clothes are beyond flattering. Shahrukh proves that it's possible to look mindblowingly hot while dancing to song about antennas.

I think it's kind of sweet that King Khan is using his home production banner and his own name to promote newcomers in the industry. Sure, he does benefit from it ($$$) but Red Chillies Entertainment could've just as easily made an SRK starrer which would've been a guaranteed money-maker. After the music release of Always Kabhi Kabhi Shahrukh tweeted, "released the music of always kabhi kabhi...saw so much hope in the faces of the newcomers....i pray all of them come true post the release." Cho chweet! :)

I'm still not convinced that Always Kabhi Kabhi will be any good, but I'll still check it out at some point. Even if it's just to hear Shahrukh's narration. The film releases June 17th. Will your "antenna" be "catching" this movie?


  1. Yes - silly song - TOTALLY SMOKIN' HOT SHAH RUKH KHAN!

  2. @Bellegram HAHA yes, silly! But he's OH so sexayyy ;)

  3. THis song and picturization is such a let down... Why Shahrukh? WHY?

  4. @Gaja Gamini Just mute the sound and watch Shahrukh! That's the only way this is bearable. Haha ;)