Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What ever happened to...Gayatri Joshi?

You'll probably only recognize this girl if you've seen her one (amazing) movie: Swades. Gayatri began her career as a model in 1996, eventually becoming one of the top 5 finalists in the Femina Miss India contest in 1999. As I mentioned before, she made her big Bollywood debut in 2004 with Swades--starring opposite Shahrukh Khan! But after this, Gayatri virtually disappeared from the limelight. So...what went wrong?

I wish I had the answer, but Gayatri seemed to have everything to make her a successful Bollywood heroine. She was breathtakingly beautiful, she made her debut as a leading lady to arguably to most successful man in Bollywood, and she gave a critically acclaimed performance in that movie! Her portrayal of Gita in Swades was impressive, especially for a newcomer. She never allowed Shahrukh to overpower her in the movie, allowing her to carve out her own character--a difficult feat! Gayatri also won numerous female debut awards in prestigious shows like Zee Cine, Star Screen, and more.

Even though Swades was one of Bollywood's finest contemporary products, the film was commercially a flop. I don't think audiences were quite ready for such a progressively de-glamorized film.  They wanted a true SRK film in all it's glitz and glory and Swades was anything but that. Therefore, I think Gayatri's acting career might've been the casualty of this commercial flop.

Especially considering some of the crap actresses in Bollywood today, it pains me that the industry has missed out on such rare talent and beauty. After Swades, Gayatri married businessman Vikas Oberoi in 2005. She now has 2 sons and is presumably living the family life, as there has been no news of any upcoming projects in years. Gayatri's career may have never taken off, but at least she gave us one Bollywood masterpiece to fawn over. The last time I remember seeing Gayatri was at least 2 years ago in this ad for Gits frozen meals. Sigh.


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  1. She really had what it takes, and ever sine watching "Swades", I've wondered, why she didn't take that chance. I'm pretty sure she was offered more roles, because Swades was so successful with critics.

  2. @Lime I agree! She HAD to have been offered more roles. It's such a mystery why she didn't take them.

  3. I loved her in Swades. She was great!

    She always stated Swades will be her first and last film (I don't know why she decided that), that's why she is not around anymore.

  4. @Siham Really? I did not know that! I guess it's reassuring to know that she "ended" her career on her own accord, and not just because of terrible movie offers or anything.

  5. Well, I've read several articles which stated so. And I have never heard a different version for it. So I suppose that is the reason.

    It'd surprise me otherwise, I'm sure there must have been good offers coming her way after Swades...