Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Shahrukh, Man Up!

I love Shahrukh Khan to death. Really. So if I'm criticizing him in any way, shape, or form, there has to be a good reason. A few days ago, a section of the crowd actually booed at Shahrukh at an IPL match when the KKR won over the Pune Warriors. Terrible and unwarranted, for sure. But haters will be haters so whatever.

Shahrukh's reaction wasn't so indifferent. Clearly hurt by the incident, King Khan decided to stay home and watch the next match from his TV in order to avoid the crowds. Apparently, he has also decided to "stay away from all the IPL matches in Mumbai stadiums." 

Um, Shahrukh, you've been in the industry how many years? Shouldn't you have learned by now how to deal with criticism? Being one of the most successful men in Bollywood, it's only natural for Shahrukh to have haters for whatever inane reason (*cough* jealous) so he should learn to handle it--not hide away in his gated home! Millions upon millions of people admire, if not worship, Shahrukh yet for some reason he lets a few Negative Nancies get him down. Real tough.

This isn't the first time Shahrukh has shown sensitivity regarding this issue. In one interview he said that one reason for his long absence from Twitter was because he didn't like seeing all of the negative things a few people would say to/about him.  Come on, Shahrukh! I see people on Twitter everyday writing you tweets of sheer worship and adulation. What about them? Shahrukh needs to see how much people love him, rather than focus on the few idiots who don't.

Sigh. I guess in a way it's kind of sweet that Shahrukh takes these things so seriously. But, in true Don character, MAN UP! I think Shahrukh just needs this one mantra in his life: haters gon' hate.



  1. Your article is SPOT ON!!

    I love Shahrukh to death, I'm among his biggest fans and my admiration for him as a fan always increases, but in the same time, I wished he wouldn't be so insensitive and would only focus on the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people who LOVE him. Few idiots here and there cannot change that. :)

  2. I said "so insensitive" LOL. I meant "so sensitive"...

  3. And what else can I say....Siham and you said it all!

  4. He also said in his video blog, that "I want to kill myself", because of that cricket thing. Ok, it was ironically meant, but still...

  5. @Siham and Gaja Gamini--I'm glad you both agree! SRK truly is the King :)

    @Lime--I haven't watched his vlog just yet. I think I'm procrastinating because I've been hearing mostly negative things about it. But the fact that he said that is so not okay!

  6. After the gut sexual reaction, what we love about Shah Rukh Khan is this very sensitivity and high emotional volume - our greatest asset becomes also our Achilles Heel - and our SRK shines with SUCH blinding brightness....GREAT POST DARLING!

  7. what u said i correct...but shahrukh is not hiding he just dont like bad comments on him thats all....what ever it is WE LOVE U SHAHRUKH...where ever u r and what ever u do WE LOVE U: ): )

  8. @Bellegram-- I love how you're able to make even the slightest negative thing about SRK seem so positive!!! And I agree, SRK's sensitivity is pretty endearing!

    @Nasreen Yep, no one likes bad comments so Shahrukh is only human. We all love him for sure :)