Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ranbir on the cover of GQ!

I never understood Ranbir Kapoor's physical appeal...until I saw this cover. I always thought he was just a normal cutie but not some complete hottie, but he is sizzling on this cover! I'm not sure if it's his smoldering expression or the impressive styling (...or maybe it's just airbrushing).  This cover just gives me a new, hotter perspective on RK.

To my knowledge, the last time RK was on the cover of GQ was about 2 years ago in March 2009:

 What a difference! He looks rather goofy on this cover, and the cheap looking style of the cover itself doesn't help. But I'm really impressed with the current cover, and Ranbir is slowly moving up my personal Bollywood hero ranks.


  1. I have definetly noticed a change in Ranbir (not that I know him personally or anything) - the darker tones of his personality are emerging. From his role in Anjaana Anjaani, to his depressive bouts after his break-up with Deepika, to his slouched look (and clothes style) on one of those Zee TV game show. I definetly see a Bollywood villain in his future!

  2. I always liked Ranbir - in appearance and as performer. Among the newest lot he is the one with a star quality and acting proveness, though he stil has much to learn. And since I was never into perfect chocolate boys, I also like his appearance :)