Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can Madhuri's magic be captured?

My short answer: yes! But before you take out death threats against me, read on!
At this year's Filmfare awards, Madhuri Dixit received a special award honoring her 25 years of contribution to the Hindi film industry. For this reason, Priyanka Chopra took on the daunting task of performing to a medley of Madhuri's most famous songs as a tribute to her. How did she fare?

I think PC did a superb job! She looked great, the choreography was on point, the song choices were fitting, and the costumes were perfect. What I like about this performance is that Priyanka is clearly not trying to surpass Madhuri, nor is she even trying to be her. We all (including PC) know that that's impossible. While still remaining tributory to Madhuri's legacy, Priyanka manages to still put her own flair into the performance--she plays Madhuri without losing herself in the process.

A big example of this is the costuming of the medley. Most of the outfits are clearly inspired by their corresponding songs, but still have that Priyanka-flair to them. In other words, they're a bit sexier and bit more modern. The outfits are styled for Priyanka's body and Priyanka's filmy style, but still have that Madhuri element in them.

I also liked the remixed version of "Choli Ke Peeche" that was used. It kind of represents the idea that Bollywood is reaching a modern era, but still holds onto and appreciates its roots--and one of those roots is Madhuri Dixit, who helped create the identity of Hindi cinema. Remixes of classic songs are generally frowned upon, but I think it was fitting in this context.

If you watch the video until the end, you'll see that Priyanka brings Madhuri up on the stage to perform a few of the iconic "Dola re Dola" steps. Then Priyanka humbly says about her performance, "Choti si koshish thi" (It was a small try) and says some kind words about Madhuri and her work before she calls up Aishwarya on stage to present the award.

So did Priyanka capture Madhuri's magic? Yes--in her own way! No one can ever match up to Madhuri, but this performance was clearly not intended to do so. Priyanka was the perfect choice to perform this tribute. She's doubtlessly a great dancer and her facial expressions were a "10 on 10" in my book.

As for someone who couldn't capture the magic? Check this out (I'm warning you in advance--a barf bag may be needed):

Well, that was embarrassing to even watch...

P.S. This was another post in honor of the "Magic of Madhuri" week started by Gaja Gamini! Check out The Bollywood-ish Blog for more information!


  1. Yet antoerh absolutely superb post! I have of course seen Priyanka´s performance on Filmfare, and it made me truly glad (because every fan feels flattered when your loved one is being honoured LOL). Id on´t consider Priyanka a GREAT dancer, but I think she is still good and did a really honest job here. As you said, she wasn´t trying to be Madhuri, she simply enjoyed dancing to her songs and that IMO is the biggest tribute you can give. Choli Ke Peeche was probably the best in the performance, but I must admit I did not really like Dola Re Dola. But then, that is such an EPIC song nobody can do it justice except for Madhuri and Aishwarya themselves.

    And as for Pammy....... I wanted to make myself blind after seeing that!!!

  2. I think I am among the rare ones who is not a fan of Priyanka's tribute. I have never found her to be a GREAT dancer, good perhaps from time to time but nothing more. Though I have to admit she did a fairly good job for "Dhak Dhak..." I don't really like the remix of "Choli...", it lacks the charm of the original steps. :(

    But I admire Priyanka for trying. And still, it's great to see tributes to Madhuri. :)

  3. Pamela Anderson is the most embarrassing person on world... Oh dear... I think you're right about this topic, however. Madhuri's magic can be captured, but not copied.

  4. I think it's just the inner fangirl in me calling PC a "great" dancer. Maybe she's not technically good, but she just looks good dancing and I love watching her :)

    @Gaja Gamini I agree that Dola re Dola was the weakest of the songs, so it's weird that it was saved for the end. Maybe to be able to bring Madz up on stage to show everyone how it's really done? ;)

    @Siham Totally cool not to like it--a lot of YouTube commenters would probably agree with you haha. But yes, tributes are always nice!

    @Lime "captured, not copied"--I like it! And ughhh Pamela Anderson is a disgrace on humanity. Why she's still getting press is beyond me.

  5. I loved the tribute! but oh please! can you tell the name of the very first song?
    Thanks in advance. And greetings from a Mexican fan!

  6. @Anon The first song is "Ek Baat Maan Lo Tum" from the movie Khel (1992).