Monday, April 4, 2011

Always Kabhi Kabhi - Theatrical Trailer

Check out this trailer for Shahrukh Khan's much awaited production Always Kabhi Kabhi. No, SRK is not starring in the film but this youthful venture is being produced by his home production company, Red Chillies Entertainment.

Always Kabhi Kabhi is directed by Roshan Abbas and doesn't star any big-name actors, but instead features fresh, young blood like Ali Faizal, Zoa Morani, Satyajeet Dubey, and Giselli Monteiro (remember Harleen Kaur from Love Aaj Kal?).

I just can't get the hang of Bollywood's rendition of "college" movies. This trailer gives a very Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na vibe (which, for the record, I did not like). I'm getting a really cheesy feel from Always Kabhi Kabhi. I'm not sure what college is actually like in India, but why do I feel that filmmakers tend to make it look more like high school than college? Does anyone really play pranks on professors, chase their friends through the halls, or spend their entire time being "awaara" in college? I'm not too sure. The only film I can think of that actually tackles the difficulty and reality of college fairly adequately is 3 Idiots.

Even though I think Bollywood generally needs to grow up in its depictions of college life, maybe Always Kabhi Kabhi will succeed at being a lighthearted entertainer. Or maybe it will prove me completely wrong and portray college in a semi-realistic way. I guess we'll see when the movie releases on June 17, 2011.

On a side note, doesn't Shahrukh look absolutely charming in this trailer?! That alone makes me want to see the film.


  1. Will they ever stop using Sharukh as a marketing tool for films that turn out to be rather mediocre? But whatever, I'm not in the mood for another college film - I'll watch it if the reviews are good, though.

  2. Ugh, even as a blatant marketing tool I'm rather embarrassed to say that it kind of worked on me. Only kind of!

  3. Doesn't tempt me as a film. But I will watch it, because SRK as a marketing tool works on me obviously. XDD