Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Ready" Banks on "Dabangg"

A lot of the time, Bollywood film marketing strategies seem to be fairly transparent as they tend to simply ride on star power. But after reading this article I realized how unsettling it is when a producer or director actually admits it.

Ready is an upcoming entertainer starring Salman Khan and Asin. I already mentioned before that it seemed that Sallu's character was going to be similar to his character in Dabangg which could possibly lead him to a comfort zone from which he may rarely emerge. Clearly, the producers of Ready are aware of how marketable the success of Dabangg is, and are using it to their advantage as explicitly mentioned by co-producer Bhushan Kumar in the aforementioned article.

Really. REALLY? It's already clear that you're just banking on the success of Dabangg to market Ready, but to actually admit is almost...shameless. Apparently Kumar said: “We have no intention of taking Ready into a different direction. Dabangg used only Salman for it's marketing. He was everywhere. For Ready too we are following a similar formula.” UGH. Well, that explains the lack of Asin in the first look promos. 

No, but seriously. A lot of Bollywood films really do market the star power of the film in order to draw audiences in. But there's something to say about subtlety. While it is pretty bold of Kumar to admit the tactics used for Ready, they've made it so apparent in the entire publicity blitz surrounding the film that Kumar's words just seem kind of arrogant. Almost like, "Yeah. We're manipulating audiences. Because we can." 

I knew from the start that Ready was probably going to be similar to Dabangg. At least we all know for sure now. 



  1. Oh my god - did he REALLY say that? How stupid and shameless can you be, admitting that you're manipulating the audiences?
    Thanks for letting me know, I won't ever buy Ready. I wouldn't even be ashamed watching it on the internet.

  2. Great Post Darling! Don't we love watching & writing about India Cinema...although I seem to be stuck in #SRK mode...I do find Salman interesting but...Thanks! XXOO

  3. At least, they are honest. :/ But it proves sheer scorn on the audience from their part. :/

    By the promos, I couldn't even guess it is a family movie first. I really liked Dabangg, but well, I'm not excited about Ready. :/

  4. Whatever you say guys... Salman is now trying to be a good human being at least in public which is good for the fans and followers, After he was jailed in Jaipur in black buck case, the jail stay has revived him , his thinking and behaviour. He is behaving matured now !, I am no fan of any khans except Aamir khan, But as for as SRK is concerned, I would say he has lot of attitude problems, making fun of co-actors, directors, producers etc does not paint him in good taste, recently i watched his interview in some private channel, where he was talking about DON2 (Which is a bakwas movie ) he quoted himself saying that "I am not here to compete but to rule", i could make out is arrogance and unwanted proud in his chat. He is loosing friends day by day for not valuing the relations. He is more interested in Dubai, Germany and moroccon links he has and where he makes more money.

  5. Thanks for your comment, Rahul! But if you read the post more closely, I am not bashing Salman Khan or his character as a human being, but I'm simply mentioning my disapproval of the producers for reverting to cheap tactics to promote a film.

    While this is certainly an SRK friendly blog, I don't see the point in bringing him up in this instance, as he has nothing to do with the issue. I may not have enjoyed many of Sallu's recent movies, but I have nothing against him and certainly don't want to promote an SRK-Salman Khan rivalry!

    But thank you for reading and commenting and I hope that you'll realize that love for Salman Khan doesn't really need to translate into hate for SRK or vice versa. :)