Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Song Review: Laila O Laila (Chalo Dilli)

Film: Chalo Dilli (Release Date: April 29, 2011)
Singer: June Banerjee
Composer: Gourov Dasgupta

The track "Laila O Laila" from the forthcoming film Chalo Dilli is the much talked about item song picturized on Yana Gupta and obviously adapted from the 1980 hit of the same title from the film Qurbani. While I will try my best not to compare the song to the original (listen to it here), let me just say that I read reports saying that the new song is virtually "unaltered" from the original track, and that is simply not true. The music is different, the singer is different, and the pace is different. If that's not "altered" then I don't know what is. Now, on to the revamped "Laila O Laila"!

The first minute or so of the song left me in sheer confusion (and terror!) to be honest. It starts off with soft, slow crooning, which many songs do. But this particular opening was so long and drawn out that I was wondering whether I was listening to a bhajan or an item number. But if you manage to stay awake through the first minute and 10 seconds of the song, it does get better! 

The music is hands-down the best part of this track. Once the main beat hits, you remain captivated by the song; it's very traditional and Desi, but at the same time modern and dance-able. I wasn't sure how "Laila O Laila" would work as an item song (especially one featuring Yana) but after hearing it, it's clear that this song was meant to be a sexy item number. The lyrics seem to be pretty similar to the original, but the new music really spices them up.

I'm not really sure about the singing, however. June Banerjee is clearly talented but I feel like this voice didn't suit the song. I understand what they were going for in trying to portray a type of "village vamp" (think Munni!) but I think they went a little too far and June's voice often sounded plain drunk rather than sexy. This is mostly evident in her singing the actual "Laila O Laila" chorus--she seems to do fine with the rest of the song. 

Ultimately, the new "Laila" excels music-wise, but the needlessly long intro and June's over-the-top singing are a few significant drawbacks. But, in the end, it's still fun, catchy, and item-number worthy.

Final Verdict: 3/5

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