Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shahrukh Khan's Performance at the IPL 4 Opening Ceremony

It took me forever to find a decent video, but here it is: Shahrukh Khan and Shriya Saran's much talked about performance at the IPL 4 opening ceremony in Chennai. It wasn't as completely dazzling as it was hyped up to be, but I always love me some SRK. Observations:

* King Khan looks amazing as usual. No surprise there!

* Shahrukh's no Hrithik/Shahid when it comes to dancing (although he has his own charm!), but I was really hoping for some more movement from him in the "Love Mera Hit Hit" segment. It seemed like the fireworks did most of the dancing.

* Dude...Shahrukh...what's up with those Kareena Kapoor pants? Clearly the costume designer didn't realize that this isn't "Mauja Hi Mauja." And that Shahrukh isn't a woman.

* The costume changing thing by Shriya was uhhhh-mazing. HOW do they do that?!

* Shahrukh redeemed himself and picked up the energy with the Southie songs. And they were all so cute!

* I should probably say more stuff about Shriya, but let's face it; I wasn't watching her.


  1. The Southie bit was WAY better than the first part - SRK actually looked like he was enjoying himself! I love Shahrukh but it seems like he is kind of over doing what he is doing - which is desperately trying to please a vastly disparate audience. He should just move to Southie films, and dance his heart out. We'd all still watch him. He'd be freaking awesome.

  2. You've hit it on point! The reason the second half was better really WAS because SRK was actually enjoying himself. What a difference it made.