Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Priyanka in "Dostana 2"?

It has been officially reported by Piggy Chops herself that she won't be a part of the forthcoming film Dostana 2. I guess this really isn't a surprise, considering her story pretty much ended in Dostana. But I'm hoping for at least a cameo from Priyanka in the sequel--which still seems entirely possible!

In case you didn't already know, Katrina Kaif will be the new leading lady in Dostana 2. Excuse me while a barf. Multiple times. First of all, was there really a need for a sequel at all? Don't get me wrong, I adored Dostana, but it didn't really seem like a movie that would need a sequel (unlike Don!). And, okay, if you're really going to make a sequel, what's Katrina Kaif going to add to it--besides a dose of terrible acting?

Bollywood isn't really known for creating stellar sequels, so I'm afraid that the Dostana brand will be tarnished with this upcoming potential disaster. Dostana was a groundbreaking (and hilarious) film mainly because of the premise of Abhishek and John's pseudo-homosexuality. If they use that same premise again, the sequel will have nothing new to offer. If they don't, it could turn into a lame, over-done romantic comedy. Annoying.

Perhaps Tarun Mansukhani will come up with something new and innovative for the sequel. If not, hopefully John and Abhishek can manage to save the show. Either way, I do hope to get at least a glimpse of my beloved Priyanka!



  1. I am not surprised at all for Priyanka. I enjoyed Dostana SO MUCH, it was hilarious, but just like you, I don't know why it would need the sequel, all the more so with Katrina. :(

  2. If Dostana 2 is looking for inspiration for their "gay scenes", look no further than Housefull! The scenes where Batuk Patel suspected his house had turned gay were hilarious!