Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sonu Sood can't get his "act" together.

Apparently there was some trouble on the sets of the forthcoming film Bbuddah when Sonu Sood just wasn't able to compose himself in front of Amitabh Bachchan to shoot a rather rough scene. In the sequence, Sonu was supposed to rough up the Big B, at one point pushing him to the ground. Sonu was reportedly "panic-stricken" and when he was supposed to say some rude things to Amitabh in the scene, Sonu only managed after "cringing and apologizing after every shot." He apparently couldn't "handle the aggression against someone so senior and legendary."

When I read all this, I nearly hurled. Most actors are understandably probably very nervous to shoot with the Big B for the first time, but this is pretty ridiculous. There's a limit to this whole "respect" to legendary actors thing. It's called acting, Sonu. Grow a pair and do it. Where's your Singh is Kinng persona? Amitabh clearly didn't have a problem with the scene.

Call me cynical, but is it just me or does this all feel like one big publicity stunt for the film? Young actor shows himself to be virtuous by respecting his elders, therefore you should watch his film. Sounds like an effective marketing tactic to me...

Source: http://www.bollywoodworld.com/bollywood-news/amitabh-bachchan-leaves-sonu-sood-numb-on-sets-114607.html


  1. publicity stunt backfire - it doesn't make me want to watch the film, because all it says to me is Sonu is such a bad actor HE CAN'T DO HIS JOB: which is to MAN UP AND ACT. doesn't matter who you're in the scene with when the cameras are rolling, play the scene as written. ugh. vomit.

  2. Yes!! If only the public would think in the same terms.