Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yesteryear's Actresses Rock it as Cover Girls!

I've been meaning to post about this for a while, but it always makes me so happy to see retired B-Town actresses on magazine covers--alive and well, and looking as beautiful as ever. Recently, Madhuri Dixit made a splash with her Filmfare magazine cover but here are a couple more actresses also rockin' it:

Sridevi! This 80s bombshell, at 47 years old, looks sensational in her Asia Spa Magazine cover. I can't get over it--the woman is 47 years old and looks simply amazing. Yes, of course there's photoshop/airbrushing involved, but natural beauty still has a lot to do with it. Few contemporary actresses can claim her subtle sex appeal and natural elegance. We haven't seen her in a leading role since 1997's Judaai (one of my favorite movies of all time) but Sridevi does manage to pop up every once in a while, like in a special appearance in Halla Bol (2008) or her nostalgic Filmfare 2007 dance performance.

At only 36 years old, it almost pains me to refer to Karishma Kapoor as a "yesteryear" actress, but since we haven't seen her in a decent leading role since 2002's Shakti, I think the term fits. Lolo also looks fabulous on this L'Officiel cover. Her hair is perfect (I'm loving the long locks) and she's managed to keep her figure after 2 children. The crowd of male models around her holding her pictures is a little...well...creepy to me. Regardless, Karishma is the star of the show and pretty much looks as gorgeous as ever.

It's unfortunate that Bollywood actresses careers tend to end so early (while male actors usually work as leading men well into their 40s and 50s). Sridevi and Karishma prove that even in their late 30s and 40s, they can work it! Now, it's Bollywood's turn to be more receptive to older, more mature leading ladies with actual acting talent and experience. One can only hope...


  1. I agree. I'm sure there are scripts begging to be made with an older lady (although this is a loose term) in mind (my script for one...) If these "golden-oldies" do get roles its as comedic characters, i.e. Juhi Chawla. I think Karishma is probably as good as if not better actress than her sister... it's a shame she's given up. It's nice that you shine a light on what has now become Bollywood's forgotten.

    Thanks for following my site but it would be nice if you could read (if you haven't already) and reply to some of my posts.

  2. I've recently started watching some films with Karishma Kapoor, and I think that she has been miscast very often, even when she was very famous, but she's a good actress. However, I do like Kareena better.

  3. Karishma is my favourite Kapoor and it just makes me sad that she´s not in the films. I love Sridevi too, and though I never found her particularly "beautiful" she looks amazing!