Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yana Gupta to be the new "Laila"

Yana Gupta is set to perform to the legendary song "Laila O Laila" (originally performed by Zeenat Aman in Qurbani) in the upcoming film Chalo Dilli. Yana is no stranger to item numbers. Remember her kind of awkward, but still memorable "Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo" in the 2003 flick Dum?

Apparently, no "alterations" were made to the original song. I'm not exactly sure what that means. Is the song just not remixed? Does the song contain the original artists' voice and music? Either way, Zeenat is reportedly very happy with the final product. She basically threw a fit with the new remix of "Mit Jaaye Gham" which is a great song, in my opinion.

I love remixes. They make songs fun and danceable. That's all there is to it. No one's claiming to be "better" than the original, so why can't people just lighten up? Also, just because something is older doesn't inherently make it better. I find the original "Laila O Laila" to be a bit dull, and wouldn't mind if it was spiced up a little. A lot of people also seemed to have a problem with the raunchy lyrics and picturization of "Mit Jaaye Gham." Well, take a look at this newly released "Laila O Laila" trailer:

How is this any less risque than the Dum Maaro Dum song? Yana is practically extremely scantily clad in the song and dances pretty suggestively (which isn't a problem!). But just because she, as opposed to Deepika, is in Indian clothes rather than Western ones, how is this any less...well...slutty? While "Laila O Laila" is a more traditional item number, "Mit Jaaye Gham" is simply more modern. As India and the world around it is changing, people should understand that cinema will evolve along with it--and that includes item songs. It's fine to not like "Mit Jaaye Gham" as a song, but I think it's unfair to write it off simply because it's a remix of an older number.

But I digress. Yana seems to sizzle in this new item song, and even if the song itself isn't any different from the original, I'm excited to see what flavor Yana brings to it herself! Chalo Dilli releases at the end of the month.

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